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Our design philosophy has always remained the same

"we believe great design lies in the attention to detail"

Our design process is simple:

We listen. We learn. We create.

Our production process is simple:

We process. We develop. We produce.

Lighthouse Advertising & Design is a Graphic Design Company in the Capital of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, with over 14 years experience in the design industry. We provide creative solutions that will communicate your company's objectives and philosophies, whilst making your brand stand out from the crowd.

Lighthouse Design Dye Sublimation is an internal division specialising in the design and manufacture of Personalised Custom Branded (Dye Sublimated) Sportswear. We provide sport teams with an opportunity to creatively brand and personalise their sportswear through the process of dye sublimation – a digital to heat transfer process.

We believe in forming close relationships with clients in order to understand their business and products, not only to provide them with outstanding creative graphic design and sublimated products, but also to become a partner in their success. Our success lies in our ability to treat every new project as if it were our first, maintaining the same level of freshness and enthusiasm.

We are constantly adapting to the ever changing world of multimedia and sportswear trends, however, our design philosophy has always remained the same - "we believe great design lies in the attention to detail".

Size shouldn't matter. In our world of design and brand identity, we're seeing how major companies are confidently partnering with small agile design firms - We believe it's just smart confident thinking that happens to make sound economic sense in these challenging times.
What does matter in a small design firm is the people, its network and the collective experience. We bring all this together in abundance to suit your project so you only pay for what's needed, nothing more.
From our perspective, whether your company is large or small makes no difference to us. What we do look for in client relationships is some understanding of, and appreciation for, good design and the value this can bring.

We follow a tried, tested and continuously improving workflow for all of our design and development projects. While we make a concerted effort to simplify the process for our clients, quite a bit happens behind the scenes.

We pride ourselves on being exceptionally easy to work with. For most, that includes managing our projects in an efficient and thoughtful manner - leaving our clients to the business of managing the day to day operations of their growing companies.